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Avanti Foods Inc. (Bigger,Better and Fresher)

Avanti foods Corporation is an American based manufacturing company founded in Milwaukee by James LePine and his sons in 1952 which is currently being led by Jeffery LePine and Manish Patel. From a few humble beginnings, Avanti Foods has grown over the years and decades to find new ways to help feed the nation, with the belief that every person deserves to bring quality to their tables.

We are the manufacturers and distributors of a variety of food items but are primarily known for our Lipper Pizzas and Sandwiches.


A passion to serve.

"Avanti Foods Corporation"


We are committed in creating high quality customized food to pacify local taste as well as international standards.

We are participating in K-12 Solutions and Traditional food manufacturing.“We are truly proud to be one of the largest food manufacturer in the Mid- West ”